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What you want in the 3G iPhone

You want a lot from Apple's new iPhone, including voice dialing and a landscape keyboard.

Apple iPhone
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Last week I posted a list of the features that I'd like to see in the new 3G iPhone. I also asked you what you'd like to see in the new version, and I got quite a few responses. Voice dialing was one of the most popular suggestions, and I'm embarrassed that I left that off my original list. Indeed, that feature is sorely needed, particularly as more states and localities mandate hands-free cell phone use while driving. Also, another feature that I should have included is a landscape keyboard for composing text messages. On the current iPhone, the landscape keyboard is available only in the Safari Web browser. As reader bmaberryjr put it, why this was left out to begin with is one of Apple's great mysteries.

But those weren't your only suggestions for iPhone 2. Here's what else you had to say.

Please let me toss my Palm system by giving me third-party apps.
- orange636
The ability to forward a text message! How sweet would that be!
- Pathogens
Don't forget Spotlight (a desktop search feature of Mac OS X). It's needed badly in the new iPhone.
- Ashoka8350
I would love it if my iPhone had a built-in FM tuner like many other phones out there.
- cmunroe19
Being able to search the iPhone addresses, calendar, notes, etc., would be a big help. Also, I would like to see a way to sync notes with your computer.
- jond
Slingbox capability. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that sling.
- Frank
Ringtones from voice recordings.
- msurebel
Why can't they just make the speakerphone loud?
- maxreynoso
I want to send all of my phone numbers to my hands-free car interface so I can see the caller ID on the screen. Currently, Bluetooth is only for use with a headset, not with data transfer.
- 8AxleEd
Wi-Fi sync from my computer to my iPhone and vice versa!
- peruchino
Forget all that other crap (video recording, messaging). If I can just open, edit, and create Mobile Word and Excel files, then I could consolidate my PDA, phone, and iPod into one device!
- kabuki969
I'd like a second SIM card slot so you can have one phone with two numbers on two different services when traveling overseas.
- jrettie
I'd add the ability to tether the phone and use it as a 3G modem.
- sjmanikt

On the whole, those are great comments. Yet, a few people suggested moving the iPhone off AT&T's network. Unfortunately, that won't happen for a few years at least. Also, one reader proposed that Apple make the new iPhone thinner, while another wanted a better user interface. Personally, I don't agree with those suggestions. The iPhone is slim already, and I think the interface is quite nice as it is. What do you think??