What we Craved this week: Circuit City, Xbox repair promises

This week on Crave.

In between the blanket coverage of Ashton Kutcher and CNN's (befuddling) race to a million Twitter followers, and the service's giant step into the mainstream with the endorsement of one Oprah Winfrey, there was other tech news. Here's what you may have missed this week:

E74 system error

• The zombie herd of dead retailers brought back to life grows, thanks to Systemax.

• A new, updated Zune may or may not look like this.

• Microsoft acknowledges the widespread E74 Xbox problems and guarantees warranty coverage. Let's hope they learned from the RROD repair fiasco.

• David Carnoy wonders, "Is Microsoft finally in the Blu-ray camp?"

• CNET Reviews takes a gander at Acer's new 13-inch slim laptop.

• Fujitsu gets all its best ideas from "Mission: Impossible."

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