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What was missing from the Nintendo E3 press conference

The Nintendo E3 press conference was nothing short of disappointing.

But where are the franchise games?
Daniel Terdiman/CNET News

The Nintendo press conference at E3 2008 just ended and we're left scratching our heads. While we were glad to see the announcement of titles like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, hardcore gamers loyal to the Nintendo brand were completely left in the dust. There was no talk of any first-party Nintendo games beyond the Wii-branded Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music. There was absolutely no mention of new franchises like Kid Icarus or even anything from the Zelda or Mario camp. This has everyone in the office wondering, "Where are the games?"

Also surprisingly, Nintendo did not address the crucial issue of system storage. With the release of WiiWare, Wii owners are quickly running out of space to download and save games. What most thought was a shoe-in to be announced at the Nintendo press conference went totally unmentioned. Nintendo didn't even tease any upcoming WiiWare games.

While many gamers complain about the Wii online experience, there was no mention of any updates to the system in order to improve online game play and matchmaking. Gamers must still rely on the 16-digit friend code that many find makes for a cumbersome experience.

Besides the accuracy-improving Wii MotionPlus accessory and the announcement of an original Grand Theft Auto game for the DS, we're declaring the Nintendo E3 2008 press conference an overall disappointment. Nintendo stressed the fact that their software is "evergreen," and it seems they're running with that mentality.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Sony E3 2008 press conference, scheduled to take place shortly.