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What to watch when you've finished 'Sense8'

Which films and TV shows should you try when you've watched the new Netflix show from the creators of "The Matrix"?

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If you've enjoyed binge-watching mysterious Netflix show " Sense8", check out our pick of related TV programmes and films that you can watch next. They're sense8-tional!

Created by the Wachowski siblings and J. Michael Straczynski, "Sense8" tells the story of a group of weirdly-linked characters from across the globe. Back in 2006, the world went mad for "Heroes", a show with a similar idea that heralded the current fad for gritty superhero stories. What's more, if you catch up on "Heroes" now, you'll be just in time for " Heroes Reborn", a 13-episode sequel series debuting later this year.

"Sense8" co-creator and TV veteran Straczynski is probably best known for creating and writing 1990s sci-fi show "Babylon 5", set aboard the eponymous space station. Dogged by comparisons with "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and prematurely truncated, "Babylon 5" was nonetheless a hugely ambitious project that ushered in a new era of CGI effects.

The crew of "Babylon 5" came from a range of alien cultures. Warner Bros

Like "Sense8", "Babylon 5" sees members of disparate cultures intersecting, examining the tensions, conflicts and opportunities that emerge. With a wealth of fascinating themes explored, "Babylon 5" deserves another look.

If you liked the idea of unlocking powers and enjoyed the action scenes of "Sense8", try Luc Besson's "Lucy". Played by Scarlett Johansson, the titular character takes a drug that gives her increasing control of reality, chiefly expressed by kicking the stuffing out of wrong'uns. "Matrix"-style reality-bending and martial arts ensue.

Go Speed Racer! With their later big screen outings "Cloud Atlas" and "Jupiter Ascending", the Wachowskis have rarely managed to reach the dizzying heights of their seminal sci-fi action hit "The Matrix". Their first post-"Matrix" project was "Speed Racer", a light-hearted palate-cleanser that wiped away the more po-faced tone of the "Matrix" trilogy in a whirl of colour and dizzying visuals. If you're left a little numbed by the slow-burning "Sense8", let this riotously colourful Saturday-morning-flick-with-a-vast-budget blow away the cobwebs.

"Orphan Black" is a tale of clones and conspiracy. A clone-spiracy! BBC America

And finally, if you're looking for another sci-fi show with an ensemble cast, " Orphan Black" has a novel twist: many of the characters are played by the same person. The award-winning Tatiana Maslany adopts many faces in this tale of cloning and conspiracy that's currently airing its third season, with a fourth confirmed for 2016.

What do you think of our suggestions? What movies and TV shows do you recommend for fans of "Sense8"? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.