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What to watch when you've finished 'Daredevil'

Which films and TV shows should you go for when you're done bingeing on the man without fear?

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Having a devil of a time deciding what to watch now you've finished "Daredevil"? We can help -- here's five films and TV shows that make a marvellous way to follow up the hit superhero show.

Produced by Netflix and adapted from the Marvel comics, "Daredevil" has already secured a second series to be released in 2016. In the meantime, if you want to be transported back to the mean streets of New York for some gritty vigilante action, here's some suggestions to fill your time.

First up: "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" was the first TV series to spin off from the recent Marvel movies. Like "Daredevil", "Agents of SHIELD" sees the consequences of the "Avengers" movies ripple into the wider world, showing the effects of a world of superhumans on real humans. It's also super-fun, lightening the mood of the dark and brooding "Daredevil".

If you're ready for more gritty violence after the spectacular fights of "Daredevil", check out "Punisher: War Zone". A demented orgy of destruction orchestrated with stylish verve by Lexi Alexander, the 2008 movie is a faithfully gory adaptation of another Marvel character. Ray Stevenson is one-man army Frank Castle, driven by revenge to punish bad guys in the most bone-crunching and brutally inventive ways possible.

Don't mess with the Punisher. Lionsgate

If "Daredevil" introduced you to Irish actor Charlie Cox for the first time, then we suggest you try out some of his earlier work in the excellent Martin Scorsese-produced HBO drama "Boardwalk Empire". Cox appears alongside Steve Buscemi as a genial but deadly criminal in this tale of prohibition-era gangsters in Atlantic City. Where "Daredevil" touches on themes of political corruption, "Boardwalk Empire" powerfully explores the ruinous effects of greed and graft at every level of a society built on lies, hypocrisy and violence.

Robert De Niro is outsider Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver", a chilling parable of urban alienation and horrifying violence on the mean streets of New York. Columbia/TriStar

Speaking of Martin Scorsese, our next suggestion is the dark classic "Taxi Driver". Scorcese's outsider parable sees troubled cabbie Travis Bickle descend into madness amid the swirling steam and squalid streets of 1970s New York. A hauntingly real performance from Robert De Niro anchors this chilling look at the horrifying realities of violence. "You talking' to me?"

"Daredevil" tells the story of our hero's early days as a costumed crime-fighter, surrounded by a wide cast of characters in a city on the brink. Our final suggestion goes back even further and puts the spotlight on the supporting characters: "Gotham" goes back to before Batman began, focusing on the cops and crooks from the world of DC Comics.

What do you think of our suggestions? What movies and TV shows do you recommend to fans of "Daredevil"? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.