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What to expect in the next BlackBerry

Specs for the BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone appear to have leaked out, a Sony executive hints at the PlayStation 4, and Best Buy makes a deal with Leap Motion.

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Wednesday's CNET Update gets a glimpse of the future:

What to expect in the next BlackBerry
Watch this: What to expect in the next BlackBerry

Today's tech roundup looks at the leaked specs of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series all-touchscreen smartphone. TechRadar reports it got the specs from official training documents at Research In Motion. It's expected that all will be unveiled by RIM at an event later this month.

There are also rumors out about Nintendo and Sony. Reports say Nintendo is changing its corporate structure to combine its handheld and console teams into one. And Sony's vice president of home entertainment hinted that we may see a PlayStation 4 by the time E3 rolls around in June.

That's not all from Sony. A white version of the PS3 is coming to North America and will be sold through Best Buy's Canadian and U.S.-based Web sites. The Canadian site says units will become available on January 27, but the U.S. site just says it is "coming soon."

Best Buy is also in the news for making a deal with Leap Motion to sell its motion-control device. The Leap gives a user the ability to control a computer program just by moving his or her hands. The Leap Motion website is also taking pre-orders for $70.

Looking ahead to later this month, Google will be holding Google Glass hackathons in San Francisco and New York for developers to create programs for prototype headset. And Microsoft says the Surface Pro will be arriving in the coming weeks. The units start at $900. Unlike Surface RT, the Pro units will run the unrestricted version of Windows 8.

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