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What to expect for the iPhone 5

Secrets of the next iPhone will be revealed Wednesday, YouTube releases a new app, and we wait for answers about the Wii U.

Tuesday's tech news roundup has a case of iPhone anticipation jitters:

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Can you stand the wait? It's almost time for a new iPhone. Apple will dish all the details Wednesday, but here's what we're expecting: larger screen, smaller dock connector, and 4G LTE speeds. It's questionable if Apple will even mention the rumored 7-inch iPad Mini. That announcement may be saved for next month to give iPhone all the glory.

Live blog: CNET's live coverage of Apple's event begins Wednesday

When iOS 6 is released, Apple will not include the standard YouTube app. But the updated version is now available in the App Store. This version will play advertisements, thereby allowing tens of thousands of more videos to be played that previously had ad-requirement restrictions.

That YouTube app is free, just like all the apps you crave. Research firm Gartner has found that nearly 90 percent of the apps downloaded around the world this year (more than 40 billion) will be free. And those that do pay for apps will spend less than $3.

Hackers have said they discovered millions of Apple UDID numbers from an FBI laptop. But turns out a mobile publishing firm in Orlando, Fla. was hacked, not the FBI. UDIDs are serial numbers for Apple devices that can reveal info about a user's phone number, among other details. Due to privacy concerns, Apple will soon be banning app developers from using UDIDs.

Next time you have to go to the dentist, be sure to play a few missions in Borderlands 2. A new study from Keele University in the U.K. shows that people can tolerate pain better if they play violent first-person shooters. Those that played something aggressive tolerated pain 65 percent longer than participants who played some sleepy golf game.

Nintendo is having an event in New York Thursday morning where we should get some more answers about the Wii U. How much will it cost? When can you get it? Early rumors have said it may be out November 11, and the cheapest package could cost around $250, but it's unclear if that price includes one of the new GamePad controllers. Get the answers you crave on the CNET live blog of the press conference starting at 7 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Eastern.


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