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What sorcery is this? Benedict Cumberbatch rumored as Doctor Strange

Hail the Master! Clues are piling up that "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch could add another action role to his CV, with reports that he's in negotiations to play Marvel's magnificent Doctor Strange.

Which Doctor Strange costume will Cumberbatch wear? Marvel

Sherlock Holmes, Khan, Richard III, Julian Assange, Stephen Hawking, Smaug and Alan Turing -- British actor Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be drawn to playing complex characters both real and fictional. Now, the actor could be adding the ultimate Marvel comic book superhero to his repertoire -- Doctor Strange.

According to Deadline, "negotiations are about to begin" for Cumberbatch to take on the role as the mystic and magical Marvel character in the upcoming "Doctor Strange."

"The news comes after talks with Joaquin Phoenix around the time of Comic-Con went south, and Marvel went back to the drawing board," Deadline reported. "With names like Jared Leto and Tom Hardy also in the mix, this is obviously a coveted role."

Marvel told CNET it could not comment on the Deadline report. While Marvel has not officially confirmed that Cumberbatch is being considered for the juicy role, the actor is already getting Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Alan Turing in the biopic "The Imitation Game."

The scholarly casting is a perfect choice considering Cumberbatch's reputation for heavily researching and studying the subjects he plays. Plus, any actor who has the versatility to make us believe in him as everything from a socially inept Sherlock Holmes to an intense dragon to a wolf deserves to play a Marvel superhero who also is a Black Magic Master.

Doctor Strange -- originally created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko during the Silver Age of comics -- is an ex-neurosurgeon who, as the Sorcerer Supreme, protects us humans from magical threats.

Blog all you want about "Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch all your want on Tumblr, just don't pretend to be him.
"Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing the ultimate sorcerer Doctor Strange. BBC One

The "Doctor Strange" movie will be produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige ("The Avengers") and will be penned by Jon Spaihts who is known for his screenplays for "Prometheus" and "The Darkest Hour." Spaihts replaces original screenwriters Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly.

"Doctor Strange" will be directed by Scott Derrickson, whose list of film credits includes quite a few horror hits such as "Sinister," "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and "Deliver Us from Evil." IMDB lists the "Strange" release date as 2016, but doesn't cite a month. A Comics Alliance chart we just wrote about pegs the release for July 2016.

Here's hoping, based on those involved with the creation of the film, that fans will get a darker, grittier version of the occultist superhero.