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What readers hate about the new MacBooks

Highlights from CNET user opinions on Apple's new MacBooks.

After putting up our reviews of the new 13-inch Apple MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro, we checked back over the next couple of days to see what CNET readers would have to say about them in the user reviews section.

Reader reviews generally fall into two categories. One-star ratings for negativists who want to lay some online smackdown on a brand they're not feeling too generous about (Sony, Microsoft, etc.), and so-called "fanboys" who give everything five-star ratings with an almost religious zeal. Needless to say, usually very few of these amateur reviewers even own the product in question. The end result is typically a lot of opinions at the extremes, and very few right down the middle.

So, imagine our surprise to see a collection of thoughtful reader reviews that in large part talk honestly about the pros and cons of Apple's latest laptops, and present some nuanced, in-depth analysis.

Since we've already talked about what we love about the new MacBooks, here are some choice comments from readers about what they're less than crazy about. We expected the general consensus to focus on the lack of FireWire in the 13-inch model, but instead, we saw a lot of concern about the glossy edge-to-edge glass displays. (although there were a few complaints about the FireWire as well).

"No FireWire -- No Thanks."

"The loss of FireWire is a deal killer for anyone wanting to edit video or audio or anyone needing to use Target Disk mode."

"Even glossier display than before."

"No FireWire. Bad move. Bottom line."

"Due to the glass reflections it has to be at maximum brightness all the time to over-power the glare."

"The new glassy screen is a glare nightmare."

"Like everything, except lack of FireWire and glossy screen."

"Glossy screen with sometimes annoying glare."

"The highly reflective glass screen is a deal breaker."

"They look and feel great...except for the glossy screen"

So, what do you love and/or hate about the new MacBooks? Let us know!