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What happens when you stand in your swimsuit directly behind a jet engine

The airport on the island of Sint Maarten is right next to the beach. So people enjoy standing right next to the perimeter fence so that the jets can blow them backward onto the beach.

The ultimate joyous blowback.
Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There is no accounting for the chemically imbalanced ones and zeros that operate within the human head.

So please attempt to decipher what the people in this video are thinking, as they try to persuade a jet engine to blow them as far as possible in the direction of the sea.

These events are taking place -- every day, it seems -- on the island of Sint Maarten, around 190 miles east of Puerto Rico.

The Princess Juliana airport is right on the beach. Signs warn of the dangers of trying to get too close to the planes, as they rev up for take-off.

But a danger sign is a mere magnet to the dulled of the 21st century.

Hark how they try to get as close to the backs of the planes as possible. Share in the joyous experience, as they are blown back toward the sea. This is far more fun than police using a water cannon during a riot.

So many people have sent me this YouTube video that I feel duty bound to share it with as wide a world as possible.

More than YouTube 5.6 million YouTubers have already enjoyed this vast exercise in spontaneous weightlessness.

I have no information as to whether anyone was injured in the making of this movie. However, the girl in red vest who hurtles head-first into what looks like a concrete border might have had a slightly fortunate escape.

One cannot even suggest that these are stunt people and that you should definitely not try this at home.

One can only suggest that humanity will find ways to enjoy itself that no one could have imagined in advance.