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What happens when Siri embarrasses you in public

A new Chevy ad features Siri Eyes Free and warns you never to use it with someone else in the car.

Chevrolet/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I'm aware that there's one reason why many people want the latest technology.

This may be roughly summed up as: Because technology.

But many forget, despite Edward Snowden's frequent reminders, just how much doo-doo technology can drop you into.

So there's something heartily honest about Chevrolet trying to sell you the Siri Eyes Free feature by revealing just how dangerous it can be.

Here we have a man driving along in his Chevy Equinox with his significant life-sharer in the passenger seat.

She wonders, quite casually, what he did last night, as he got in "kinda late." (Translation: Unacceptably late.)

This spurs her man to immediately check his messages via his ever-friendly and helpful personal assistant.

Siri almost sounds like she has a smile in her voice as she begins to relate elements of what was possibly a ribald, immature evening.

Oh, of course this involved lost trousers and a tattoo in a private area. Isn't that how your ribald, immature evenings go?

Please remember, therefore, that if you choose to enhance your car with possibly useless technology, enjoy it alone.

Siri may be frightfully clever. But she still doesn't know who might be listening.