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What else can Toyota make in a hybrid?

Concept hybrid sports car debuts

Toyota FT-HS

Old Toyota: reliable and practical cars with decent gas mileage for the commuting set.

New Toyota: the Prius, the FJ Cruiser, hybrid Camry, hybrid Highlander and soon...a hybrid sports car.

Interior Toyota FT-HS

The FT-HS concept car is meant to be a sample of mid-priced hybrid sports car with ultra-low emissions and fuel efficiency, according to Toyota.

The front-engine rear-drive car would have a V6 3.5-liter engine, putting out approximately 400 horsepower when coupled with the hybrid system, and be able to do zero-to-sixty in four seconds.

Not sure of the look? Well those "aero-corners" on the body that you may be skeptical of are intended to "promote smooth airflow and reduce turbulence," according to Toyota's statement about the car. The roof is retractable, as is the rear spoiler. The headlamps are also clusters of LEDs.

Interior Toyota FT-HSr
Toyota FT-HS rear Toyota

The Toyota FT-HS hybrid sports car will debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (click here to check out a few other concepts that will be shown in Detroit).

Another question remains. Now that Toyota has a stake in Isuzu, known for its diesel expertise, when will we see a diesel hybrid?