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What does a $176,400 iPhone look like?

Peter Aloisson's "Princess Plus" has 17.75 carats of diamonds.


Austrian designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson is no stranger to over-the-top customized handsets, but he surprisingly wasn't the first to create a diamond-studded iPhone. That distinction was claimed last year by Amosu and its 420-stone model, which listed for $41,225.

But he's come back with a vengeance in releasing his own version, the "Princess Plus"--so named because nearly half of its 318 diamonds have square princess cuts, as opposed to the more common round stones. The 17.75 carats of rock set, in 18 white gold around the edge of the phone, has pushed the price to 120,000 euros, or $176,400.

That makes it the world's most expensive iPhone, according to Luxurylaunches, and we're in no position to doubt it. There's good news for the frugal shopper, however: A version with only round-cut diamonds can be had for the substantially discounted sum of $66,150.

Yet we can't help but quibble with the "Princess Plus" moniker. Rather than an ultra-luxury phone, it sounds like the name of a mall store for zaftig-size clothing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.