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What does 3D printing need? More cowbell

You can now 3D-print your own musical instruments, thanks to a collection posted on Makerbot's Thingiverse website.

Here's MakerBot's 3D printed music collection, with tambourines, maracas and more cowbell! MakerBot

If you haven't yet found the perfect reason to splurge on a fancy, expensive 3D printer, maybe a little more cowbell will convince you.

Though it's been almost 15 years since the now-infamous "Saturday Night Live" skit originally aired, Christopher Walken (aka THE Bruce Dickinson) still demands more cowbell, and MakerBot is happy to oblige. The company this month released a series of 3D-printable musical instruments on its Thingiverse page. MakerBot owners can download the files and print fully functional tambourines, bells, triangles, maracas and, of course, cowbells. Each file comes with instructions on what settings to use to print the musical instrument, and the instructions seem to be pretty easy to follow.

Before you try to get your high school band back together, keep in mind, you probably won't get the same quality of sound out of a 3D-printed instrument as you would a real one. Still, I think the 3D printed cowbell would be just cool enough to satisfy the insatiable cowbell hunger of Walken.

I've gotta have more cowbell, baby! MakerBot

(Via 3DPrint)