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What CES taught me about work-life balance

Participating in CES taught (parent.thesis) blogger Amy Tiemann an unexpected lesson about work-life "balance." Sometimes you just have to throw youself into one experience at a time.

One more quick CES-inspired post:

Work-life balance may seem a bit off-topic from parenting and technology, but if you are like me, your "digital leash" is a large part of both work and family life. It's mostly a blessing, but can be a curse when you find yourself pulled in so many different directions that you feel that you aren't doing anything well. Nonetheless, I had gotten so used to the idea that blending job and family in the most flexible way was always a good strategy that it took a trip to CES to remind me that sometimes you just have to throw yourself into one thing at a time.

There is no "balance" at CES. It's a nonstop parade of sight and sound, inescapable sensory overload. Even when you leave the convention floor you have the buzz of Las Vegas surrounding you. But as a CNET freelancer, I had an amazing time. In four days, I was able to collect enough ideas and leads to fuel months' worth of blogging. The biggest challenge was taking time away from roaming the displays to sit down and write. I knew I couldn't possibly see everything but I wanted to try.

It was a luxury to step away from family life for just a few days and wear my journalist hat without juggling the other responsibilities of being a mother, wife and daughter. For those of you who are in a similar situation, wondering which work-life style might work best for you, I highly recommend the new book CEO of Me: Creating a Life that Works in the Flexible Job Age, which takes a fresh look at a variety of options. Flexibility is an important tool, but structure and support are also valuable strategies that can help create a plan that is satisfying and sustainable for each family member.