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What are iPhone knock-offs really like?

A comparison of five clones on the Red Ferret blog.

Another one expected from China's Meizu
Negri Electronics

The sheer number of new mobile phones out there doesn't allow us to include every single one in our already-extensive database, let alone review all of them. As you might expect, knock-offs of iPhones are especially low priority in our "to review" list. That's not to say they aren't interesting, though, in a "should I get one for my boss because I hate him" kind of way.

The people at Red Ferret have an interesting roundup of five so-called iPhone clones. And as indicated by the comments and ratings from the author, none of them really comes close to the iPhone. (Not a conclusion likely to shock anyone.) Maybe the planned Meizu M8 will buck that trend, if it ever sees the light of day.

(Source: Crave Asia)