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Westinghouse set to release new digital photo frames

Westinghouse is set to release several new photo frames in the next couple of weeks.

This 14-inch frame is wall-mountable.

Back in January, Westinghouse announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it would be putting out a new line of digital photo frames in early 2007. Now the company is getting ready to make good on its promise.

I got a quick look at the final production samples, and they do appear to be significantly better than last year's frames, which were fairly lackluster. As the LCD factories in the Far East rev next-gen panels, the themes this year for digital photo frames are higher resolutions, better interfaces, and just plain big. In a few weeks, Westinghouse will begin selling a wide-screen 14-inch model, the DPF-1411 (1280x800 resolution; MSRP $399), as well as the 7-inch DPF-0702 (MSRP $119), the 8-inch DPF-0802 (800x600 resolution; MSRP $179), and the 10.2-inch DPF-1012 (800x480 resolution; MSRP $249). Along with the usual assortment of memory card slots, all the frames come with 128 MB of built-in memory. They're also capable of displaying video files.

Westinghouse is trying to differentiate its frames from the rest of the growing pack by offering them at slightly cheaper price points and including a feature called MosaicView, which allows you to display multiple images simultaneously on the frame. It's still unclear why a 14.1-inch frame should cost $399 when I just bought a 19-inch wide-screen LCD monitor at Buy.com for $279. But then again, it doesn't have MosaicView.