Welcoming Merkel to the vlog world

Michelle Meyers
Michelle Meyers wrote and edited CNET News stories from 2005 to 2020 and is now a contributor to CNET.
Michelle Meyers
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month became the first known head of state to also wear the title of video blogger.


While bloggers see the move as historic and are praising Merkel for embracing the new medium, they have expressed disappointment that the weekly video blogs/podcasts (in German only) are so scripted and stiff.

Merkel, however, seems to be listening to her viewers' concerns. In an interview on @Xolo.TV with German blogger and journalist Lyssa Bochert, the chancellor says she's working on a more casual format.

Maybe she should start by linking to this video, which is quickly spreading in the blogosphere of President George Bush giving Merkel a quick massage today at the G8 summit in Russia.

Blog community response:

"Merkel hardly has a TV personality. But she keeps it brief. In her maiden voyage, she talks about the World Cup, starting in Germany, and how podcasts and technology aren' for the young alone. It's a good move."

"While her first shows are rather stiff I can only imagine, and hope, she will slowly loosen-up as she does more of these."
--Jeremy Tai Abbett

"My Chancellor directly on my computer, I think this is a very good--and brave--first step, for her, the medium (ok, not the first step), and the mood in general...Go Angie!"
--planet sab

"The interview (on @Xolo.TV) is remarkable, not only because it the first vlog-style interview with a head of state, and not because of the ChancellorÂ’s spontaneity, but because Chancellor Merkel appears genuinely interested in learning more about video podcasting and trying to improve her efforts at it."
--Podcasting News