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Welcome to 30 Days of Innovation

As CNET counts down to the 2010 CES, we will showcase some of the young, innovative companies exhibiting at the show. Starting on Monday, November 16, check in each business day until CES for a new company profile.

Everyone expects to see Tech giants exhibiting at CES, many in 1,000-square-foot exhibitor booths with large stages and fancy schwag. But if you peek behind the glitzy giveaways and bright lights, you'll find a wide variety of tech start-ups that make their marks--sometimes their very first product releases--at CES.

Aerial view of CES
Every year, hundreds of companies exhibit at CES. We'll help ferret out the coolest of the new ones. Corinne Schulze/CNET

As CNET counts down to the 2010 International CES, we will be combing through the CES attendee list to showcase 30 of the young, innovative companies exhibiting for the first time in January 2010. Check in on Monday, November 16 for our first company profile and come back each business day until CES begins for more.

Interested in nominating your company for a profile? There are two ways to let us know. You can e-mail us or--if you think your product is one of the best in show--you can submit it for consideration at our Best of CES page and answer yes to "Is this your company's first year at CES?"