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Welcome the Woozy: Because cats deserve hammocks too

Bring a flash of Euro design style to your cat's life with the Woozy, a modern-looking hammock designed to hook onto a radiator.

Woozy cat hammock
Keep your cat warm by the radiator. Wohood

Cat beds have not been the recipients of much in the way of innovative design over the years. Handy makers have created ever-more-elaborate cat condos (see the AT-ST, AT-AT and Tardis kitty dens for reference), but cat beds themselves have primarily taken the shape of roundish, stuffed semi-flat pillows. The Woozy on Kickstarter is combination of a cat bed and hammock designed to place a cat close to its favorite thing: a heat source.

The Woozy has a clean, modern design to fit into almost any decor. It comes flat-packed like IKEA furniture, though the assembly doesn't look nearly as challenging as most IKEA pieces. The legs adjust to hook onto a radiator, which is a natural cat attractant during cool weather.

If you don't have a radiator, the legs can be attached to hold the Woozy up as a standalone cat hammock. The recycled polyester fabric can be tossed in the washer to get all the cat hair off. Just to be fair, the Kickstarter video also shows the Woozy being enjoyed by a small dog, though it is primarily designed with cats in mind. Your Great Dane won't fit.

Each Woozy is going for a $79 pledge (£49, AU$90). The project has raised nearly $3,300 toward a $8,250 goal with 31 days left to go. If the project is successful, Wohood, the design team behind the Woozy, plans to make a larger version to support big-boned cats. If your feline buddy is a real earth-shaker in terms of size, you might want to wait for the next generation of Woozy to get your cat a hammock.

Woozy cat bed
The Woozy can also work as a floor model. Wohood