Welcome gamers with these d20 and 16-bit controller doormats

Thanks to these ThinkGeek exclusives, these doormats in the form of d20 dice and 16-bit controllers will make every gamer feel welcome.

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Game on! Impress guests with a 16-Bit Controller doormat. ThinkGeek

Postal workers, pizza delivery guys, Girl Scouts and petition volunteers alike will be impressed when they walk up to your front door and spot one of these gamer geek chic doormats from ThinkGeek.

Available in either the Critical Hit d20 or 16-Bit Game Controller designs, these doormats have a non-skid back and a black edge binding.

The 16-Bit Game Controller doormat measures 30 inches long by 13 3/4 inches wide. The Critical Hit d20 mat is 20 1/4 inches from point to point and 19 inches from side to side. Individually, the doormats cost $19.99 (about £13.24 or AU$24.55) plus shipping and handling.

It might be tempting to set a romantic mood by placing these doormats in front of a fireplace, but I'd discourage such notions as these doormats are made from 100 percent polyester.

If you prefer to show off your love for gaming inside, rather than at your front door, ThinkGeek also sells a Critical Hit d20 Rug for $39.99 (about £26.49 or AU$49.10) plus shipping and handling.

The rug is 100 percent polyester pile with a backing made of 50 percent latex and 50 percent cotton. It measures 43 inches by 38 inches.

Feel lucky every time you open your door with this Critical Hit d20 doormat. ThinkGeek