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Weird, wonderful Sony ad: More water music than you can handle

In order to tell you its image sensors are refined using pure water, Sony creates a piece where Pachelbel's Canon is played entirely by drops of water.

Liquid tunes.
Sony/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

Whenever I listen to nature, it always tells me: "I'm getting out of here. This place is going down."

Sony, however, feels that the natural world speaks beauty and even plays it. So it's created a spectacularly peculiar ad in which the music is all played not by ear but by water.

The tune is Pachelbel's Canon, so often heard at weddings and in the brilliant Robert Redford movie "Ordinary People."

The images are very beautiful, but the music is the true point of the sale. Sony would like you to know that its image sensors are refined using pure water.

As you look at the interesting pictures and listen to the music -- I only truly hear Pachelbel's Canon from around the middle -- you might wonder what crazy person might be behind this.

The same highly talented (and therefore crazy) person who was behind the cell phone ad featuring the impossibly long xylophone.

His name is Morihiro Harano (or "Mori" for short) and, as Adweek reports, the whole enterprise reflects the fact that Sony is water-sensitive.

A caption at the end of the ad declares: "We have been working with local farmers and an environmental NGO, on "ground water recharge," replenishing the amount of water used during the fabrication process slowly back into the ground water through farming."

So this is, in short, what people in the business call an image ad.