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Weird geek baby names of 2012 include 'Google' and 'Jedi'

Geek names invade BabyCenter's list of unusual baby names of 2012, with inspiration coming from the periodic table, "Star Wars," and a certain popular search engine.

Darth Vader onesie
Oh well, they can always change their names when they get older.

Oh, what an adorable baby! What's his name? "Google?" Are you serious? Do you realize how many search results he's going to get when he grows up and googles his own name?

Naming a baby "Google" is a phenomenon that first came to our attention in 2005. Apparently, that was just the beginning. "Google" made the list of BabyCenter's most unusual baby names of 2012.

BabyCenter culled its list from a baby-naming survey of more than 4,000 parents. To make the list, a name had to be foisted upon at least two different kids. The spread of geek culture is evident in the list. For example, you can bet little Jedi's parents had a "Star Wars" theme wedding with Han Solo and Princess Leia action figure cake toppers.

If you really want to screw the poor kid up, then name him "Jedi" and dress him up in a Darth Vader onesie. Make him question his allegiance to good or evil at an early age. It builds character.

Girls have it relatively easy in the geek name department. If you squint, then the girl name "Hailo" might be misconstrued as a tribute to a popular video game. It's the boys who take the brunt of the geeky-naming weirdness.

Science geeks are represented through names like "Xenon" and "Neon," though there's no telling if the parents are lab rats or just thought those words sounded cool. One surprise is the appearance of the name "Tron." If I had to get stuck with a geek name, I would take "Tron" over "Google" any day.

Perhaps it's a testament to how mainstream Apple is that the popular baby names "Mac," "Apple," and "Siri" didn't even make the list of most unusual names. It also means baby Hashtag is all alone with her name.

At least the unfortunate youngsters whose parents named them "Espn" weren't named "Espn.com." Are you a geek parent? Did you give your little scamp a geek name? Confess in the comments.

(Via Gawker)