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Weekend wrap

The Nokia N95 and other favorite videos of the week.

The Nokia N95 is here! Check out Bonnie Cha's First Look video on CNET TV. I took the phone home for a few days last weekend and played around with the video camera, taking shots of my dog and shooting a short description of my friends impression of the new Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature, Grindhouse. Great-looking camera and a cool phone with cool features, but as my CNET TV colleagues will tell you I am a Treo addict, so no QWERTY keyboard is a real drag for me.

Another favorite video from this week is the music show featuring our Music editors. This week's Best New Music features Andrew Bird, Ellen Allien, the band Midlake, and the hip-hop group Gutterfly.

And from the New York auto show, this isn't my dad's Vette!

Have a great weekend!