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Week in video: Yo-yo whizzes and a car for gamers

Yo-yo champs get all wound up, Nissan steers toward gamers, and a geek heaven emerges in Los Angeles.

Yo-yo magic, cool cars and heaven for futurists.

This was a busy week of shows: Wired's NextFest was held in in Los Angeles, the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show hit Germany, and the was right here in San Francisco.

Nissan is making a case for video game lovers with its new Nissan Mixim, debuting at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. CNET's Brian Cooley shows off some of the features inside this flashy car.

CNET's Molly Wood was among those who headed to Los Angeles to check out NextFest, where were lined up for hungry spectators eager to see what the future holds. Find out what caught Molly's attention.

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The California State Yo-Yo Championships brought the best yo-yo players the state has to offer. See the dazzling array of tricks participants had up their sleeves.

From the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany: CNET's Brian Cooley discusses the new Nissan Mixim, a car undeniably aimed at the gaming crowd.

CNET's Molly Wood checks out the future in the form of robots, jetpacks and tricked-out wine racks at Wired NextFest 2007.