Week in video: Vintage toys and future tech

CNET's music editor turns a Speak & Spell into a working speaker, the SF Bay Bridge is due for seismic upgrades, and new video conferencing tech could bring families together.

While our fellow CNET editor was busy opening up a vintage Texas Instruments Speak & Spell and hacking a portable speaker system for his MP3 player, future technology in how we communicate was being shaped.

CNET's Donald Bell shows off his "Speak-er Spell," a vintage toy he's hooked up to his modded MP3 player. The results? Wait until the end of the video to see everything it can do.

Close to our headquarters in San Francisco, a chunk of the Bay Bridge is ready to be destroyed and placed with a more seismically-friendly span. Watch the artist rendition of how the project will be operated as CNET's Daniel Terdiman discusses the logistics.

And CNET's Dawn Kawamoto talks about the future of video conferencing. Right now, Apple has a snazzy look and feel with iChat, but check out other technologies in the works that look like they come straight out of...well, the future.

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