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Week in video: 'Tis the gadget season

Samsung previews its holiday gadget lineup, and the iPhone remains in the spotlight both for an exploit and as a Prizefight contender.

Samsung offered an early look at its holiday season lineup, renting a hotel suite and filling it with wreaths and MP3 players. The iPhone remains in the spotlight, but this time for an exploit and as a Prizefight contender against the Nokia N95

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Samsung showed off some products that aren't set to launch until the 2007 holiday season, including its own HD DVD/Blu-ray disc player, at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco on July 25.

A vulnerability has been discovered in the Safari browser of the iPhone, and this video is a brief demonstration of how it works. More details are set to be announced at this year's Black Hat security conference.

The iPhone goes up against the Nokia N95, another powerful media phone in Veronica Belmont's final Prizefight.