Week in video: Taking ozone for a spin

Legos recreate movie scenes and trailers, a high-tech salad spinner, and the iPhone makes its way to the other side of the pond.

CNET News staff
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A popular phenomenon on YouTube these days involves ambitious users who re-create scenes from feature films, trailers and music videos.

But there's a catch--they use Legos, moving them little by little, frame by frame, to create a stop-motion animation piece. Watch a collection of some of the more diverse, and entertaining, shorts.

There's a new way to clean off your produce, and it involves biochemistry you may not have known about. The Lotus Sanitizing System creates ozone in a bowl of water, using it to zap off fungus and germs from the food you put inside. CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos gives a demo of the product and discusses how it works in detail.

And Apple makes the list once again, this time with CEO Steve Jobs' announcement of the iPhone's release in the U.K. Hear what network the device will be using.

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Stop-motion Lego scenes

YouTube is brimming with an assortment of movie scene and trailer re-creations using Legos. Watch some of the best out there.

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Create ozone to zap germs

The Lotus Sanitizing System is a high-tech salad spinner that actually creates ozone, which clings to fungus and bacteria on your food and kills them off.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared in London on Tuesday to announce the U.K. arrival of the iPhone, which is set to use the O2 network.