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Week in video: Basking in the glow of 'Halo'

'Halo 3' makes its long-awaited debut, and new technology abounds at gadget gatherings on the East and West Coasts.

This was a big week for new consumer tech--with the release of Halo 3, as well as two conferences featuring the latest technology from both small start-ups and larger companies.

Halo 3 made its debut at midnight Tuesday, and it lived up to expectations--it was the biggest launch the entertainment world has ever seen. CNET's Rich DeMuro was on hand for the launch, where he got to check out the game and hang out with hip-hop star Chingy.

Keeping with a busy week, DeMuro was also present for the DigitalLife 2007 conference in New York, where all sorts of new gadgets, as well as , were on display. Make sure you check out the footage of iRobot's new Looj busily eating away at the gutters of a house.

And on the other coast, San Diego saw another slew of conference-goers for DemoFall 2007. Start-ups competed for the attention of the press and to get their new hardware and software seen. Webware's Rafe Needleman and CNET's Erica Ogg break down the best--and worst--of this fall's showing.

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Completing the Halo trilogy, Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 launches at midnight Tuesday to much excitement.

CNET's Rich DeMuro walks the DigitalLife 2007 show floor at New York's Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Check out the best--and worst--that the DemoFall 2007 conference in San Diego had to offer this fall.