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Week in pictures: Spinning wheels

roundup Electric car gears up to set speed record in Nevada desert, while tyke bike says no to training wheels. Also: An "EverQuest II" star search.

An electric car gears up to set a speed record in the Nevada desert, while a bike designed for tykes takes a unique approach to training wheels--it doesn't have them. Also: Celestial wonders, an "EverQuest II" star search and living la vida India.

ABB E-motion

Perpetual E-motion

A cigar-shaped electric car heads to the Nevada desert with one thing on its mind: speed.
May 5, 2005


Bike design works angles

The Shift, from industrial designers at Purdue University, angles its wheels to match the speed at which you pedal.
May 2, 2005


Beauty pageant

"EverQuest II" meets Vegas as Sony puts out a call for a real-world look-alike for its online heroine.
May 4, 2005

Star and planet

Celestial wonders

Comet-chasing probe sends photo of its prey, Tempel 1. Also: First image of a planet outside our solar system.
May 3, 2005

Hearty message

Grafitti for the Internet age

Grafedia is a new form of street art that brings together the wireless and physical worlds.
May 4, 2005

Living la vida India

Living the good life at Infosys

If you manage to get a job at the Bangalore company, you can enjoy a pool and a mirrored building shaped like one of the pyramids.
May 4, 2005

Tech gets to work

Tech gets to work in India

Bangalore and other subcontinental cities are the place to be for a growing number of Indians working in high-tech fields.
May 3, 2005

In the broadband trenches

Wiring the nation

Cities across the United States are installing or looking into building their own broadband networks, to the chagrin of the private sector.
May 2, 2005

Awaiting Tiger

Tiger on the loose

Mac fans line up outside the Apple store in downtown San Francisco to grab copies of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger as the operating system goes on sale.
April 29, 2005