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Week in pictures: PCs do the bling thing

roundup Apple puts focus on photo software, Power Mac Quad--and "iPod tax." Also: Convertible tablet PCs, high-tech cars, and not so innocuous printers.

Apple puts focus on photo software, Power Mac Quad--and "iPod tax." Also: Convertible tablet PCs, high-tech cars, and not so innocuous printers.

In focus

Apple Computer shows off its Aperture photo-editing program at a press event in Cupertino, Calif.
October 19, 2005

Taxing proposition

Apple Computer wants accessory makers to pony up for the right to connect to the popular music player.
October 18, 2005


As more PC makers tweak conventional designs, tablet PC functions may influence how people use laptops.
October 17, 2005

High-tech cars

Concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show include fuel cell vehicles, Nissan's spinning Pivo and a Honda wagon for the dogs.
October 20, 2005

Code cracking

It was recently discovered that many printers put a code on every document it prints. Now we know what it says.
October 19, 2005

RFID in the military

Military troops are testing radio frequency identification systems on everything from tanks to antitank launchers.
October 20, 2005

Smart cars

Robots shift car tech into high gear

The wizardry behind vehicles powered with artificial intelligence is heading toward mainstream cars.
October 18, 2005

Yahoo protest

Members of a political party decry passing of information to Beijing that led to a journalist's jailing.
October 19, 2005

Fly pen

The toy maker's $99 talking pen can translate words into other languages, or help with math and spelling homework.
October 17, 2005


An in-depth exhibit examining the possibility of life on other worlds opened at the Science Museum in London.
October 17, 2005

Tomorrow's operating room to harness Net, RFID

The operating room of tomorrow will have monitors that show a comprehensive look at the patient's physiology during surgery, among other details.
October 19, 2005

Voodoo's colorful mini PC moves to consumers

Voodoo Computers looks to enchant consumers with the Idol, its Intel-powered Mac Mini look-alike.
October 18, 2005

Xbox 360 controller for Windows

Device will work with the upcoming Xbox 360 console, as well as with computers that have the Windows XP operating system.
October 19, 2005

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Symposium/ITxpo talks about new products in the pipeline and about competing with Google.
October 19, 2005


The U10 music player from iRiver handles music player and video functions with a horizontal-screen format.
October 19, 2005

Nokia's 7380

Scheduled for release in early 2006, Nokia's 7380 is one of three new models designed for style-conscious customers.
October 19, 2005

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen tells his audience that PHP is picking up where Java is leaving off.
October 19, 2005