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Week in pictures: PCs around the world

roundup Hunting for a new Linux-based home PC. Also: Low-cost PCs, Google, Yahoo, bird flu, deer's-eye view and Windows Live, too.

Hunting for a new Linux-based home PC. Also: Low-cost PCs, Google, Yahoo, bird flu, deer's-eye view and Windows Live, too.

Looking for a Linux PC

Installing Linux on a home PC is easy enough. It's buying a Linux-based box that's the trickier part.
November 2, 2005

Low-cost PCs

Companies from AMD to India's PicoPeta Simputers are offering computers meant for rock-bottom budgets.
November 3, 2005

Live and kicking

Microsoft shows off its forthcoming Web-based consumer tools.
November 3, 2005

Yahoo Maps Beta

Yahoo overhauls its mapping service with new features and also makes it easier for developers to use.
November 3, 2005

Google Sidebar

Sidebar is a floating tool palette that offers personalized news and other information based on a person's habits.
November 4, 2005

Battling the avian flu

From China to France to Romania, researchers are working to prevent the avian influenza from spreading.
November 2, 2005

As the seasons change

NASA releases a collection of striking images showing how the Earth changes throughout the seasons.
November 2, 2005

Kevin Mitnick

Reformed hacker Kevin Mitnick takes stock of today's hackers and the current state of software security.
November 4, 2005

Ford's mobile office

A new option for Ford's Super Duty F-250 trucks is a touch-screen computer with a printer and wireless broadband.
November 1, 2005

View of a deer

Researchers have mounted wireless video cameras on white-tailed deer to get a better idea of how the animals see their world.
November 1, 2005

BlackBerry 8700c

Research In Motion introduces the BlackBerry 8700c, the first RIM device to be produced in partnership with Intel.
November 1, 2005

Honda's FCX

Honda's FCX, a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cells, takes to the road in a grandiose experiment.
November 2, 2005

Smart-drive technology

Smart-drive technology, which uses flash-memory chips to store information, is finding its way into many consumer products.
November 2, 2005

Nokia N92

Nokia newest smart phones are trying to be all-media devices, by offering TV, music, video, camera, radio and Internet.
November 3, 2005

Digital pen

A number of public-sector organizations in the U.K. have been experimenting with digital pen-and-paper technology.
November 3, 2005

High-tech gourd

Not satisfied with a candle-powered jack-o-lantern? Neither were some tech folks at the University of Arkansas.
October 31, 2005