Week in pictures: Gadget heaven

roundup Intel Developer Forum, CeBit attendees find themselves in gizmo paradise. Also: Mashups, cult films and the 'Godfather.'

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Intel Developer Forum, CeBit attendees find themselves in gizmo paradise. Also: Mashups, cult films and the 'Godfather.'


Electronics extravaganza at CeBit

Around 6,300 companies from 70 countries will present their latest novelties at this year's fair. March 9, 2006

UltraCell design

The 14-hour fuel cell

Just getting started when your laptop battery poops out? Start-up UltraCell may have what you need. March 9, 2006

Origami handheld devices

Origami handheld devices debut at CeBit

Microsoft's goal of producing a cheap, pocket-size minitablet remains elusive. Will buyers wait for next generation?March 9, 2006

Origami minitablets

Origami minitablets

A look at Intel's Ultra Mobile PCs, examples of hardware that will ship as part of Microsoft's Origami Project. March 7, 2006

Concept PCs at IDF 2006

Concept PCs at IDF 2006

Intel hosts a slew of concept computers--some embedded in the wall, some running on a car battery. March 8, 2006

BenQ cell phones

BenQ cell phones

BenQ Mobile moved quickly to roll out new handsets after it took over Siemens' mobile phone business. March 8, 2006

Celebrity mashups

Mashups with celebrity hooks

Fans create mashup Web sites that dig into the arcana of their favorite TV shows, movies and celebrities. March 6, 2006

Meet the Corleones

Progeny of 'Godfather'

Electronic Arts' lead character designer watched the classic film every day for nearly a year to capture the characters' look and feel. March 6, 2006


Hard-to-find flicks hit the Web

Web site Veoh lets film freaks post old, public-domain movies online. March 8, 2006

Space capsules under pressure

Space capsules under pressure

Models of crew exploration capsules go through the ringer at NASA's Ames Research Center. March 7, 2006

Mindstorms NXT

Lego building blocks for bots

The Mindstorms NXT may look like a children's toy, but it's actually a robot development kit. March 7, 2006

Mars or bust

Mars or bust

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will study the Red Planet for evidence of water. March 9, 2006

Many faces of solar power

The many faces of solar power

Solar companies are using a range of techniques to cut the cost of PV cells and make solar electricity more cost-competitive. March 9, 2006


Antarctic is shrinking

The first-ever gravity survey of the entire Antarctic ice sheet shows its mass has decreased significantly from 2002 to 2005. March 7, 2006

Cool cars

Carmakers rally more gems in Geneva

At the 76th International Motor Show in Geneva, you'll find vehicles that you'd expect James Bond to drive--packed with power, grace and comfort. March 7, 2006

RFID traffic reducer

RFID traffic reducer

In Stockholm, Sweden, drivers have been testing an IBM system of radio frequency transponders and roadside cameras. March 6, 2006

Like father, like Sun

Ads by McNealy and son

Side-by-side comparision of ads for Sun, run by Scott McNealy, and AMC, where his dad was a top exec. See any resemblance? March 6, 2006


Cruise ship of the sky?

The Aeroscraft concept vehicle could ferry passengers across continents and oceans by 2010. March 6, 2006