Week in laptops: Fujitsu displays, Toshiba GPUs

The week of the U.S. election, it's all in the numbers: a LifeBook with two screens, a Qosmio with three GPUs--12 new models in all. It's the week in laptops.

What a week: a historic American election, driven by the Internet! Holograms--make that "holograms"--on TV. Three GPUs in a single laptop.

OK, so not all headlines are created equal. But many folks (in the United States, at least) seem to still be catching up on non-election news. If that describes you, read on for the laptop news you missed while you were wearing out your F5 key on the CNN home page.

Toshiba Qosmio X305

First, as Americans were lining up at polling places, Fujitsu unveiled three new LifeBooks: the N7010, which has a 16-inch primary display as well as a 4-inch secondary display, and updates to its tiny U-series and P-series tablets. Asus launched a new ultraportable notebook, the 12.1-inch N20A. And Alienware announced the M17 gaming laptop.

Meanwhile, Toshiba broke out the aforementioned triple-GPU Qosmio X305, a new model from Belkin joined the fray of checkpoint-friendly laptop bags, and we declared a favorite budget retail laptop for the holidays.

At CNET Reviews this week, we took a look at two 16-inch laptops, the Gateway MC78801u and the Sony Vaio FW270. We also got to test-drive Asus' "high-end" Netbook, the Eee PC S101, as well as Alienware's hot-off-the-presses M17 gamer.

Also worth reading: Wal-Mart Stores announced some Black Friday-style deals for November 8, including a $298 laptop; retailer Circuit City announced that it would close 155 stores; some users of the new MacBooks are reporting issues with the glass touch pad; you can add Wireless-N to your laptop with this tiny new USB adapter from Planex; and, in the United Kingdom, wireless carrier Orange announced that it would start selling an Asus Eee PC 901 with embedded 3G broadband and bundled airtime.

Finally, when you buy a new laptop, where does the old one go? Follow our colleagues from 60 Minutes as they trace the e-waste trail.

Have a great weekend!