Wedding kiosk lets guests upload digital well wishes

Instead of a traditional guestbook, the U.K. based Memorytube records multimedia messages and pictures from wedding attendees.

If a U.K.-based kiosk company has its way, weddings of the future will ditch the guestbooks and videographers and turn to event-goers to produce multimedia content. The Memorytube wedding kiosk lets friends and family line up to upload their pictures and record videos and type well wishes to a single device.

Memorytube Wedding Kiosk
The Memorytube is an all-purpose, multimedia machine for weddings. Memorytube Kiosks Limited

Memorytube Kiosks' 5-foot-tall personalized device records guests' video messages with an in-unit camera, and allows attendees to type in a digital guestbook and have their pictures taken.

In addition, event-goers with a Bluetooth phone or a memory card-equipped camera can upload their pictures and videos to the machine. When all is said and done, the kiosk stores the information and the company will send the newlyweds a DVD with a compilation of the pictures, videos, and messages.

While the device seems to be aimed at a tech-savvy generation, perhaps other guests will revel in its old-fashioned-photobooth likeness. On the downside, if guests are too busy lining up for face time with a gadget, they may risk missing the most hilarious or romantic moments of the celebration.

The kiosks are currently only available in the U.K., for the equivalent of $586 per rental.