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WebOS notifications designer leaves Palm for Apple

Rich Dellinger is yet another high-ranking employee exiting, right before Hewlett-Packard finalizes its acquisition of Palm.

The man behind the notification system used in Palm's WebOS is ditching his future HP overlords for iPhone central in Cupertino.

Rich Dellinger
LinkedIn/Screenshot by Erica Ogg/CNET

The blog PreCentral saw on Rich Dellinger's LinkedIn page that he was moving from Palm to Apple, and according to his Twitter, it appears he started on June 1. Dellinger worked at Apple from 1999 to 2006, back before the original iPhone and its iOS was made public. He returns to Apple as a senior user interface designer. It's not clear what he'll be working on, but it's easy to assume his expertise in multitasking and design could be put to good use on iOS 4.

Palm has had a slight problem retaining some key people as it transitions from an independent company. Michael Abbott, senior vice president of software and a key representative to Palm developers, left Palm in April, right before the sale to HP was announced. Matias Duarte, Palm's head of mobile user interface design, departed two weeks ago.

HP has not been shy about why it bought Palm: for its vast intellectual property portfolio and for the WebOS mobile operating system, which it plans to distribute on a host of its connected devices, including tablets, Web-connected printers, and smartphones. HP expects to close the acquisition by the end of July.