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Web show Tekzilla to get new co-host, $5 says it's Veronica Belmont

The gadget video show, a product of the Revision3 new-media studio, announced that its April 18 episode will have a new co-host.

UPDATE at 1:39 PM PT on Wednesday: It's official. Veronica Belmont will be the new co-host of Tekzilla.

When former CNET TV anchor Veronica Belmont announced last week that she was leaving her gig as host and producer of the Mahalo Daily video podcast for "new projects," her loyal fan base immediately started wondering where she'd head next. Many figured her destination might be the San Francisco-based Revision3, the video production company created by Digg founder Kevin Rose.

More specifically, some wondered if she might be hired as a host for the Tekzilla show, which covers new gadgets and hardware. (Tekzilla, along with several other Revision3 shows, are syndicated on CNET TV, a sister site to CNET

Looks like that speculation may have been correct. Revision3 put out a press release on Tuesday that revealed the show's April 18 episode will indeed introduce a new co-host for Tekzilla, but did not say who it was. Currently, the gadget program has a solo host, Patrick Norton. Belmont, who did not immediately respond to an e-mail inquiry, has guest-hosted the program before.

A source close to Revision3 would not confirm or deny a Belmont hire, but did say to "watch the blogs" on Wednesday morning.

Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis, who originally hired Belmont, wrote last week on his blog that Belmont would be working on two new projects and that they would allow her to work in San Francisco rather than Los Angeles, where Mahalo is based.

Gossip and speculation? Yep. But I'm betting five bucks that Veronica Belmont is headed to Tekzilla. If she's not Tekzilla's new host, I owe somebody $5. If you're lucky, maybe it'll be you!