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Stealthy slap-bracelet selfie stick hides your shame

Keep your selfie tendencies under cover with the Pop Stick, a wrist-worn selfie stick that disguises itself as a bracelet when not in use.

Is it still a selfie stick when it's round? Pop Products

I've defended selfie sticks in the past, but I know everybody is quietly judging me when I carry one around in public. That's why I'm attracted to the stealthy Pop Stick, a selfie stick that tucks away into a round bracelet. Remember those slap-on metal bracelets from the '90s? The Bluetooth-enabled Pop Stick relies on the same concept, except it unfurls to be used as a phone mount for your photos.

When curled up, the Pop Stick looks like a chunky cuff bracelet. Unfurled, it holds your smartphone on the end. The mount can be adjusted to get the best angle for your duck face.

The Pop Stick has a minor limitation due to its form. It extends to over 1.5 feet (a little less than half a meter) in length, but that's pretty short compared with many telescoping selfie sticks. A group of rabbis, for example, used a Nodal Ninja boom that can expand to 30 feet to capture a massive group selfie. You won't be able to do that with the Pop Stick, but it should be serviceable for most normal selfie needs.

The Pop Stick may even convert some members of the anti-selfie crowd who secretly lust after selfie sticks, but can't bring themselves to carry one around. Its secretive nature means you'll be accepted as a normal, productive member of society right up until the moment you unleash your Pop Stick, mount your phone and snap a pouty-face selfie with Bill Murray wandering around in the background.

The Pop Stick is currently in prototype form and is due to launch on Kickstarter later this month. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but Pop Stick says it will in line with other selfie-enabling products. Perhaps it will spark a whole new subgenre: the subtle selfie.

This render shows what the Pop Stick design will look like. Pop Products