This girl got teased for her superhero shirt, and her sister fought back

A little girl told that superhero shirts are only for boys sparks a Facebook phenomenon and new website known as "Wear Your Superheroes."

Leanna with big-sister Adalina who swooped in to save the day by helping launch the "Wear Your Superhero" movement. Tom Nagel/Facebook

Leanna, who is 5 years old, likes to wear superhero shirts to school. But when some other kids in her class started to tease her and tell her that superheroes were only for boys, something had to be done.

Da-da-daaaaah! Enter older sister Adalina, who swooped in like a true superhero and declared Wednesday to be Wear Your Superheroes Day on Facebook.

Helped by their family, the two Cincinnati girls set up a Facebook event called "Wear Your Superhero Day" and invited people to post pictures of themselves kitted out in their best good-guy -- or good-gal -- garb. The results were impressive. There are pictures from people of all ages, representing a slew of different superheroes -- from a Superlibrarian to a bikini-clad hulk on the beach.

One photo that got poignant comments came from military veteran Stacy "Doc" Dickey, who posted a picture of herself in combat gear with a caption that said: "Who says a girl can't do/wear WHAT? Horse-hockey!" She also said in response to a supportive comment from one of the the organizers, "My own daughter has grown into a lovely mix of femininity and fortitude, never having been allowed to hear the words 'girls can't do that.' I wish the best for you and your girls. I hope they see life has as much to offer them as it does to the boys. They just have to step up to the plate and work for it."

Guys also got in on the action to show their support -- most notably, Facebook user Toby Snedecor's Wolverine, who had some pretty impressive claws.

The event was so successful the organizers have decided to give it its own permanent Facebook page. It also has its own webpage.

"To everyone who shared their ‪#‎WearYourSuperheroes‬ photos and words of encouragement for Adalina and Leanna: Thank you so much! To say that we are overwhelmed by your response would be an extraordinary understatement," organizer Tom Nagle said on the Facebook event page. "Although I don't think they totally understand the impact that their idea had, or just how many people came together to support them, I can say with certainty that the girls had a blast today. More importantly, you helped us achieve our goal of enabling Leanna to 'wear her superheroes' with confidence!"

I doubt Leanna's going to have any trouble with those boys at school anymore. And if she does, at least she now knows a legion of superheroes has her back.