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Wear the sands of Tatooine on your wrist

This limited-edition watch features sand from the "Star Wars" set of Tatooine in Tunisia, and is proudly worn by none other than Chewbacca himself.

This watch could be the perfect timepiece for the "Star Wars" fan in your life.Mary Moynihan/Kickstarter

There's a new watch up for grabs on Kickstarter, and it's perfect for bounty hunters and moisture farmers on the desert planet of Tatooine.

The Tatooine Sand Watch is a functional wristwatch with actual sand from the locations in Tunisia where the "Star Wars" Tatooine scenes were filmed. Because the sand doesn't fill the face of the watch completely, the grains move around a bit as you wear the accessory. The watch face includes an image of the Lars Homestead and the two suns of Tatooine, as well as numbers and the word Tatooine fashioned in the traditional "Star Wars" Aurebesh writing system.

The result is an awesome-looking watch that even Peter Mayhew, who played the mighty Chewbacca in the films, proudly displays on his wrist. If you'd like to purchase a Tatooine watch of your own, the watches are available in limited quantities on Kickstarter, where a crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $11,000 of its $17,700 goal with 29 days left to go. All proceeds from sales will go to Save the Lars Homestead, a group trying to restore the Tatooine film sets.