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WD unveils sleek My Passport Edge portable drives

WD announces a new ultrathin portable hard drive, called My Passport Edge, for both Windows and Mac computers.

The new My Passport Edge (Mac version)
The new My Passport Edge (Mac version)

WD today made the good old portable hard drive concept something totally new again.

The storage vendor announced a new family of portable external hard drives for Macs and Windows PCs, called My Passport Edge, that's ultrasleek and ultraslim.

There are minor differences between the Mac version and the Windows version of the new drive.

Both versions of the new drive support USB 3.0 and are bus-powered, meaning all you need is a single standard USB cable (included) for the drive to work. Both of them are about as thin as a traditional internal laptop hard drive (9.5 millimeters). This is because on the inside they use the new ultraslim type of internal hard drive that's just 7mm thick.

However, WD says the My Passport Edge for Mac is designed specifically to complement Apple's portable computers (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air), and has an all-aluminum exterior that's not just good-looking but also protects the drive against drops and bumps. The drive is preformatted in HFS+ and has support for Apple's Time Machine right out of the box.

The Windows version of the My Passport Edge from WD
The Windows version of the My Passport Edge from WD WD

The Windows version of the My Passport Edge, according to WD, has a premium-finish plastic cover and includes WD SmartWare software that's capable of continuous and automatic backup. It's preformatted in NTFS. Either version of the new drive can work with either Windows or Mac OS, however, once formatted in the appropriate file system.

The new 500GB-capacity My Passport Edge is available now and costs $110 and $120 for the Windows and Mac versions, respectively. Both versions of the new drive come with a three-year warranty.