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Waterfalls, sure, but do they get you clean?

Nature lovers really should make sure they wash their hair, too.


Here at Crave, our specialty might be digital gadgetry (which you're undoubtedly seeing a lot of this week) but sometimes there's some less conventional tech that attracts our attention: for example, the wide array of luxury toys designed to turn bathrooms into high-end epicenters of relaxation. There was that nature shower designed in Kuala Lumpur, and the "Hydro Massage Bathtub" with a built-in TV. But personally, I think this one takes the cake. It's called the Oasis, and according to BornRich, it's supposed to "bring the feel of nature right into your bathroom" by simulating the experience of standing, sitting, or lying under a waterfall. Okay, nice, but I really would like the creator of the "Oasis" to prove that this thing will actually get you clean. I'm quite skeptical, and rather troubled that this recent trend in luxury shower design is gravitating away from a focus on personal hygiene.

And I've got to point out, the industrial grey coloring really doesn't suit "nature lovers," in my opinion. Maybe it could be combined with that "nature shower" to really provide an immersing experience. You know, a shower mashup.