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Watching Shark Week could earn you $1,000

*Jaws theme intensifies*

He kind of looks like he's smiling. 
Image Source/Getty Images

Shark Week 2020 kicks off next month on Discovery Channel, and you could earn $1,000 to watch all of it. US Direct, an authorized DIRECTV dealer, is taking applications for Shark Week enthusiasts to binge every shark-related show on the network through July 27. 

If you're chosen, you'll be paid to watch every minute of Shark Week content starting Aug. 9. You'll also be tasked with tweeting and sharing your favorite shark fact of the day with the hashtag #SharkWeekDreamJawb. Each program must also be ranked from least to best in the following categories: most entertaining, most informative, most fearsome and most surprising.  

The company will also set up the winner with free Shark Week content, snacks and other shark gear like t-shirts and socks. 

To be selected, US Direct asks that you be at least 18 years old, a US resident and a huge shark fan, of course. 

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