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Watching 'Looper' in a theater? Bring headphones

To encourage repeat viewings of his latest sci-fi flick, writer-director Rian Johnson releases an audio commentary track that you can listen to on your iPod.

Sony Pictures

You know how most Blu-ray discs and DVDs come with audio commentaries as a bonus feature to play along with the movie? Well, to encourage repeat viewings in cinemas, the director of sci-fi action movie "Looper" wants you to bring an iPod into the theater to listen to details of how each scene was filmed. However, he reminds audiences not to listen to the commentary on the first viewing or before seeing the movie.

In a Tumblr post on October 5, Johnson, who also directed the AMC TV show "Breaking Bad," provides a downloadable MP3 file to be played during the movie. In the post, Johnson also recommends that the version of the commentary that cinemagoers would enjoy will be different from the one on the upcoming DVD or Blu-rays.

He also encourages good theater etiquette by asking those listening to the commentary to hide the "glowing screens" of their media players (or smartphones) while the movie is playing.

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)