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Watching a baby choose her first Pokemon looks like one tough, adorable choice

Some parents film their baby daughter as she chooses her first Pokemon to be her best friend in a world they must defend.

Childhood is full of tough choices. There are decisions that kids have to make that could affect the rest of their lives like whether or not they should stand up to the neighborhood bully or deciding if they should learn how to tie their shoes or hope they still make pairs with Velcro straps when they get older.

Choosing a Pokemon is another one of those important childhood choices. They aren't just cute companions that you can pull out of your pocket to impress your friends or turn a dull party into a livelier affair. They are ever-present warriors who stand by you in your time of need and help you fight the good fight that needs to be fought in times of utter peril. They're like loyal dogs if Fido could also throw fire.

So if you're a parent, you should know that it's never too early to get your kids to choose the Pokemon they'd like to have with them by their side. That's why the parents in this YouTube video uploaded on Thursday decided to prepare their adorable baby daughter Mattie for life's many, inevitable battles by having her pick her first Pokémon using some plush toys of Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander.

Warning: This video is so adorable that its extreme cuteness could make your face cave in from ear to ear.