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Watch: Time-lapse video of Endeavour's final mission

"Mission 26" is a heartfelt, and visually stunning, tribute to space shuttle Endeavour's recent trip through Los Angeles.

Endeavour in LA
Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Space shuttle Endeavour's final mission may not have been its most glamorous. Trucking through the streets of Los Angeles certainly counts among the shortest trips for a spacecraft that racked up more than 25 million miles since its first launch in 1986.

But "Mission 26" may be Endeavour's most watched journey. The throngs of people hoping to get one last glimpse of the spacecraft are one of the many elements that make this visually impressive time-lapse video so moving.

Cinematographer Matthew Givot was one of many who lined up to watch NASA's final space shuttle's farewell journey. Calling it a "once in a lifetime opportunity," Givot and his team pulled together photographs from Endeavour's journey from Los Angeles International Airport through the suburb of Inglewood to its resting place at the California Science Center.

"This has been an amazing experience that I will never forget," Givot wrote. "My hope is that this film will show you the amount of dedicated people and teamwork that it took to get the Endeavour to its new home. Enjoy."

Watch Givot's video below, and then take a look at the video below that, another striking time-lapse video of Endeavor from the Los Angeles Times.

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