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Nostalgia break: Watch this '90s PC booting up

Were you computing in the early 1990s? This relic turning on will send you on a sentimental trip down computer memory lane.

Technology is so efficient nowadays. We no longer need to hog our home's landline to dial up a phone modem to check our email, and we certainly no longer have to sit through the daily symphony of bleeps and bloops while our machines are warming up.

We've come so far, yet it's hard not to feel a tad sentimental for the sights and sounds of vintage technology.

YouTube user DounutCereal made a video of his dad's old custom build desktop computer from 1992, which is running Windows 95, booting up. As a bonus, his video also features a 1998 Epson Stylus 440 printer starting up (at least it wasn't a dot matrix one).

"Amazingly it was in use up until 2004 when my dad finally got a new desktop, 12 years of service isn't bad for a computer!" he writes about his father's ancient PC on YouTube. "So now I have it in my room and run it every now and again and it still runs like I remember it despite it's 20+ year age."

DounutCereal made the video in 2013, but it's grabbing lots of attention now, because let's face it, nostalgia is timeless. Let's harken back to a time when personal desktop computing was big, slow, and loud. Shall we?

Now, you kids, get off my lawn!

(Via The Webby Awards)