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Watch the first trailer for Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur'

Disney rewrites history (and science) by allowing dinosaurs to survive in the animated adventure due out later this year.

In the year 2015, dinosaurs will walk the Earth again -- in "Jurassic World," out on June 12, and now also by way of Disney-Pixar in "The Good Dinosaur," which released its first teaser trailer this week.

The 3D animated adventure directed by Peter Sohn, known for his voice roles in an incredible roster of animated hits including "Ratatouille," imagines an alternative history in which the asteroid that torpedoed into our planet and wiped out the dinosaurs instead just streaks past without impact. After a flash of passes through the sky, dinosaurs just continue munching -- and evolving.

The lead character, a green apatosaurus named Arlo (who will be voiced by Lucas Neff of "Raising Hope"), is joined by a dignified cast of dinosaurs, and humans who live among them, with a voice cast that includes John Lithgow, Francis MacDormand and Neil Patrick Harris.

"The Good Dinosaur" will stampede into theaters on November 25 in the US, November 27 in the UK and December 26 in Australia.

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