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Watch The Doctor regenerate in Lego

This animated short brilliantly taps Lego minifigs and CGI to re-create the ending of "The Time of The Doctor," where Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi. Now, about those pesky fish fingers.

You can now relive The Doctor's transition from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi in a beautiful 3D computer-animated Lego short. The short, created by 3D animator Robert Medina, uses Lego minifigs to re-create the final few minutes in "The Time of the Doctor."

"The Time of the Doctor" was the 800th episode in the BBC's long-running "Doctor Who" series. This episode brought an end to Matt Smith's three-series run as The Doctor, and the beginning of Peter Capaldi's reign as our favorite Time Lord.

The final scene brought back Smith's former companion Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) to stand alongside Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) as The Doctor entered the regeneration process. It was a touching tribute to Smith's time as The Doctor, and Medina's Lego re-creation is fantastic.

It's not perfect; the bowl of fish fingers and custard that sits on the Tardis control panel is notably missing the fish fingers in Medina's Lego version. But the short does capture the elegance and beauty of the scene, and the very different personalities of Smith and Capaldi. You can watch the original scene here for comparison, pudding brains.

The touching moment where Amy Pond appears to The Doctor in Matt Smith's final moments. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Nerdist)