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Watch the amazing journey behind New York pizza delivery

PBS reveals the often under appreciated complexity of making and delivering a Domino's pizza in New York.

We live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police - Jeff Marder
Ed Yourdon

With the advent of pizza vending machines, maybe we should pause for a moment and appreciate the brave men and women who deliver pizzas to our front doors.

In a large city like New York, keeping up with the "30 minutes or less" delivery rule seems slightly impossible with the endless torrent of traffic snaring up city streets. To counter the chaos, many New York pizza places in the Big Apple employ droves of cyclists to zip through the city and deliver hot pies.

The TV series "America Revealed" by PBS reveals the intricate path traveled by a Domino's pizza delivery cyclists, with the routes tracked by GPS and visualized in a fancy animated infographic. Another short clip afterwards exposes the lengthy journey that the Domino's daily supply chain endures every day from all over the country.

Check out more of these amazing data visualizations (about other subjects) on "America Revealed," which airs Wednesdays on PBS at 7 p.m. PT. That's amore!

(Via Explore)